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Astrogeology is a discipline of science related to geology, focusing on planets, moons, stars, and other celestial bodies. Astrogeologists, otherwise known as planetary geologists, study planets, their moons and other celestial bodies so that we can develop a greater understanding.

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Can Super Earths Support Life?

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Contents Introduction What are the ingredients for life? Super-Earths and life Water and habitable zones What are super-Earths? How do we find super-Earths? Detection of potential biomarkers in super...

Last modified: 17th Dec 2019

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Mission Technical Report

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Table of Contents 1. Research 1.1 The Mission Objectives 1.2 The Mission customer 1.3 The date of launch 1.4 The operational life-time 1.5 The system operator 1.6 The system users 1.7 The l...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019