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Effects of Copyright on the Consumption Music
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: The aim of this dissertation is to understand the effects of copyright on the consumption and acquisition of music online. With a focus on ‘Feels Like Free’ services such as Spotify as wel...

Literature Review on Intellectual Property Rights
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Chapter 1 1.0 Introduction For a sustainable growth and economic development of a country, innovation and creativity is a very important dimension. Industries and the global markets of the 21st centur...

Legal Issues in Social Media
9th Dec 2019
Introduction:  Introduction Global Business Experts (GBX) works with law firms and expert witnesses to provide consulting and litigation support. Their core areas of focus include marketing and consumer behavior,...

Social Media and Intellectual Property Cases
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Case Precedents Verifiability/replicability LVL XIII Brands v Louis Vuitton In the case of LVL XIII v. Louis Vuitton in a trade dress case, Louis Vuitton was granted the motion to preclude the expert...

Liability for Clickbait under Thai Copyright Law
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION   The description of the issue You will never believe what happened next … Take this question to see which character you are on … This the biggest mistake you ca...