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FGM Within an International Human Rights Legal Frame work
10th Dec 2019
Introduction: Chapter 3:  FGM Within an International Human Rights Legal Frame work In the post- world war II era, the international treaties signed by various countries has been the most contemporal base for hum...

Resurgence of the Alien Tort Statute Litigation
10th Dec 2019
Introduction: Corporate Responsibility For Harm Caused Inconsistent With The “Laws Of Nations”: The Use Of “Vigilance Laws” As An Attempt At An Effective ATS Litigation Introduction. With the rise of glo...

Hunger Strikes: Legal and Ethical Challenges
9th Dec 2019
Introduction:   Assignment 1     Introduction Terminology Prominent hunger strikes in history Introduction to the state of research “Triangle” of forms of self-directed violence On the effectiven...

History of Abortion Laws in the US
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: The Roe v. Wade Case Introduction In the Roe v. Wade case of 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court decided 7-2, that a woman’s constitutional right to privacy extends to a woman’s right to make he...