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Patent law is the specific branch of intellectual property law that deals with patents. A patent gives the owner, or holder of the patent, the legal right to control who can legally make, sell, or use their invention (that the patent has been granted for).

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Patent Law

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Dissertation on Sovereign Immunity in Patent Law
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Introduction: A proposed legislation to ensure that states and large companies selling patents to sovereign entities are subject to the same laws as everyone else.... Last modified: 15th Jun 2021

Dissertation on Pharmaceutical Industry Patent Reforms
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Introduction: Based on a patent search and literature research, this study carefully analyses the impact of recent reforms in the patent applications from pharmaceutical industry in China... Last modified: 21st Apr 2021

European Perspective on Nanotechnology Patents
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Introduction: An Overview of Nanotechnology Patents: A European Perspective The future world will to a large extent consist of a knowledge based society. Intellectual property (IP) will play an important role in g... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019