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The Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Schizophrenia is a life changing disease that is distinguished as a severe psychotic disorder. It has a diagnosis impacting about 1% of the worldwide population, changing the way these individuals li...

Effect of Adolescent Cannabis Use on Brain Functions
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: Cannabis Use During Adolescence: A Review of Impacts on Brain Functions and Associated Outcomes Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the social acceptability of cannabis usage in the Unit...

Analysis of SAMe as an Antidepressant
12th Dec 2019
Introduction: S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe) And Improved Methylation Offer A Serious Alternative To Orthodox Medications Can S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe) and improved methylation offer a serious alternative to ortho...

Factors Affecting Antipsychotic Medication Compliance
12th Dec 2019
Introduction: INTRODUCTION The aim of this dissertation is to explore the factors affecting concordance with prescribed antipsychotic medications. The rationale for selecting this topic is derived from personal wor...

Antidepressant Drugs: Types, Effects and Developments
12th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction: Depression is one of the parts of mental disorder which is affecting millions of people worldwide. [6] The logical analytical approach used in clinical and forensic toxicology for the id...

Ketamine as Pharmacological Treatment for Depression
10th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract Traditional pharmacological treatments for depression have a delayed therapeutic onset, ranging from several weeks to months, and there is a high percentage of individuals who never respond ...

Study on Eating Disorders in Cheerleaders
10th Dec 2019
Introduction: Search Strategies The search engines that were used were Pubmed, Cinahl and Google Scholar.  The words used in the search were cheer, cheerleading, feeding disorders, eating disorders, body image i...

Subsyndromal Depression (SSD) and Dementia
10th Dec 2019
Introduction:   CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Statement of the Problem Successful aging is strongly associated with optimal cognitive function. However, cognitive function declines with age, and the rate and severity o...

Antipsychotics: Types, Uses and their Risks
10th Dec 2019
Introduction: 65 Antipsychotics KEY points: Introduction to antipsychotics (700 words)– look at my chapter, how antipsychotics works in the brain, how they all work. OVERALL, differences between first and ...