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Social Studies is a field of study that focuses on different aspects of human society. Elements of Social Studies include history, geography, social science, economics, and more.

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Slums: The Urban Contemporary of Vernacular Settlement?

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This paper looks into the need to view slums as an integral part of the city and not the darker side of the city. This paper aims at drawing a comparison between the vernacular settlements and slums....

Last modified: 11th Jan 2022

Positive Effects of Workplace Gossip

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This review provides a summary of the current literature dedicated to the study of gossip, and is conducted from the perspective of Industrial-Organizational Psychology....

Last modified: 21st Dec 2021

Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Fracking

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The aim of this literature review is to illustrate the fracking operation in oil exploration and identify its impact on environmental, social and economic standards for countries and in turn clarify the main reason beyond choosing this particular option for oil and gas explorations. ...

Last modified: 20th Dec 2021

The Urban Street: A Conduit for Vitality and Multimodal Movement in the City

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A study of Strøget, Copenhagen, analysing how the pioneering street design impacted the entire city's way of life. Through the exploration of factors which define the success of streets, their impact on the vitality and multimodal movement of the city can be assessed. ...

Last modified: 6th Dec 2021

ASEAN Decision Making Mechanisms Towards Economic and Socio-Cultural Community

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The core aim of this dissertation is to deeply study on the practices of decision-making mechanisms under the IOs and EU in order to pull out the practical lessons for the alternative proposals for ASEAN Community vision 2025 towards AEC....

Last modified: 24th Nov 2021

The Malaysian Political Economy: Nationalism, Race and Party Politics

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This dissertation looks upon the notion of a separation within society, and assesses the impact of how political events create macroeconomic fluctuations in Malaysia....

Last modified: 15th Nov 2021

The Distinction Between Appearance and Reality

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This dissertation concerns the distinction between appearance and reality. Particularly, the metaphysical nature of a class of visual appearances that I call “looks.”...

Last modified: 1st Nov 2021

Factors Affecting Millennium Development Goals Progress

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This paper aims to assess the factors causing the slow of progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in low-income countries....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Literature Review on Historical Discontent in Nigeria

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This chapter reviews literature on the discontents in the Nigerian state as a whole from the historical perspective....

Last modified: 6th Jul 2021

New Social Studies of Childhood

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Childhood studies, as we know it today, is a multi and inter-disciplinary subject encompassing aspects of psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, politics and economics. Yet, this has not always be...

Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Society Maintenance Companion: Android Based Application

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  ABSTRACT The Society Maintenance Companion is an Android based application developed with Java language. The main function of this app is to provide an online maintenance report within app that pe...

Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Effectiveness of Integrative Complexity Interventions: A Dehumanization Scale

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Assessing the effectiveness of Integrative Complexity interventions: a Dehumanization scale     Abstract Integrative Complexity (IC) is a psychological construct which denotes the extent to which o...

Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

The Lived Experience of Loneliness Among Single Men Who Use Dating Apps

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The Lived Experience of Loneliness Among Single Men Who Use Dating Apps: A Qualitative Analysis through the Lens of Attachment Introduction Loneliness is a growing problem in today’s society. As we...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Effect of Cockle Bay Development on Ecological System and Social Economy

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Construction or Destruction? Background information Cockle Bay is one of the bays in Magnetic Island. It lies on the western side of Nobby Head, a headland which juts out at the southernmost end...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

The 2016 Marine Life Disaster and Civil Society in Vietnam

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The 2016 Marine Life Disaster and Civil Society in Vietnam Abstract In April 2016, Formosa-Ha Tinh Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese Formosa Plastics, became the prime suspect for the...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Older Adults and Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors

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Older Adults and Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors Introduction Older adults (aged 50 and older) are becoming one of the fastest growing demographic in the United States. It is estimated that by 2020, old...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Influences of British Newspapers on Public Islamophobia

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To what extent has the media (British News Papers) influenced and manipulated Islamophobia. Introduction: The media plays a significant role in everyone’s day to day existence. In today’s day an...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Evaluation of Academic Culture at College

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Is the current academic culture at River College fit for purpose? Contents ___________________________________________________________________________ Introduction          3-7 Research s...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019