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Applications of Monte Carlo Methods
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Monte Carlo methods find application in a wide field of areas, including many subfields of physics, like statistical physics or high energy physics, and ranging to areas like biology or analysis of financial markets. Very often the basic problem is to estimate a multi-dimensional integral....

Significance of Realistic Physics in Simulation Games
12th Dec 2019
Introduction: This dissertation is on the significance of realistic physics in simulation games. Physics in games has changed a lot over the years from arcade games having no physics to Need for Speed: Shift havin...

Electro Physiology of the Human Heart
12th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction This chapter is the first chapter in the thesis which gives introduction of the present study. The chapter defines electro physiology of human heart, blood circulation in both pulmonary a...

Multiphysics in Porous Materials
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: 1.1 “Multiphysics is there” and “Multiphysics is coming” Multiphysics is there A World of Multiphysics Nature We live in a multiphysics world. Real-life processes are inherently multiphysics....

Controlled Environment of Molecule-radiation Interaction
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction: When exposed to radiation the fate of molecules may differ upon how they may redistribute the impinging radiation. It is perfectly possible that the said molecule may dissociate althoug...

Superconducting Transition Temperature Determination
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Fabrication of YBa2Cu3O7-δ and Determination of its Superconducting Transition Temperature A superconducting material is one which below a certain critical temperature exhibits, amongst other rema...