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Surgery is the branch of medicine that involves the treatment of injuries, diseases and other conditions by operative methods, i.e. by cutting open the body and removing or repairing a damaged part. Technological advances mean that many surgeries can now be performed without large incisions using what is known as keyhole surgery.

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Surgical Studies

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Effect of Age on Biomaterial Bone Graft Repair
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Introduction: In this study, we investigated the effect of the age of the host on mineralized biomaterial-mediated bone tissue repair using critical-sized cranial defects as a model system.... Last modified: 23rd Jun 2021

Dissertation on Management of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
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Introduction: The aims of the study were to review the management of MTC patients in several institutions in New Zealand including both major tertiary centres and provincial centres.... Last modified: 19th Apr 2021

Study of Lidocaine Levels in Children after Airway Topicalisation During Direct Laryngotracheobronchoscopy (DLTB)
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Introduction: A retrospective audit of anaesthetic practice was carried out on all patients who underwent DLTB procedures at RMCH between February and April 2017. This ran alongside a single arm research study in which patients undergoing DLTB procedures had blood samples taken at set points in time to ascertain peak lidocaine levels.... Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Patient Case Study Enhancing Intraoperative Intervention
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Introduction: In this care study, the intraoperative journey of a fictitious patient will be critically analysed, and a panoramic view of patient care will be facilitated by values of the National Health Service a... Last modified: 9th Dec 2019