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Health and Safety is a set of regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines that aim to prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring. Health and Safety procedures are essential to ensuring a safe, efficient working environment.

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Health And Safety

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Relationship Between School Safety and Achievement in K-12 Education

Example Literature Reviews

This literature review was conducted to evaluate the relationship between school safety and achievement schoolwide, classroom-wide, and for individual students in K-12 education....

Last modified: 4th Mar 2022

Impact of Emissions on Road Construction Worker Health

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In this study, we aim to analyse the emissions produced from various on road and off road construction equipment used in the road construction projects....

Last modified: 17th Feb 2022

How Sub-limit Hydrocarbon Exposure Impacts Eye and Respiratory Irritation

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The purpose of this study is to quantify the relationship between the hydrocarbon concentration levels at which the participants are exposed to and their objective and subjective responses....

Last modified: 31st Jan 2022

Recent Trends and Future Scope in the Protection and Comfort of Fire-fighters’ Personal Protective Clothing

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In this review we will summarise the fire-fighters’ protective clothing systems and address the clothing that are in use. Different materials and designs currently in use for the FFPPC are also being covered....

Last modified: 10th Jan 2022

Health and Safety Case Study: KunShan Explosion and Cancer at Samsung

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Health and Safety is one of the most significant functions of Human Resources and employment relations. Safety is referring to the physical body is able to move normally, healthy and away from danger and injury without emotional issues and psychological....

Last modified: 5th Jan 2022

Evaluating Human Factors in Aviation Safety

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This capstone project will investigate how human factors affect aviation safety, as well as discuss what strides have been made to lessen some of the negative effects of human factors on aviation safety by looking at some of the aviation accidents and incidents that have been blamed on human factors....

Last modified: 4th Jan 2022

An Assessment of Hygiene in Hotels of Mauritius

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The aim of the study is to assess hygiene in medium sized hotels of Mauritius. Food handlers are to be assessed on food hygiene practices in food processing areas. Housekeeping staff are to be assessed on the importance of hygiene in rooms....

Last modified: 20th Dec 2021

Fire and Gas Accident Avoider Using GSM Modem

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The proposed project of fire safety is an intelligent self-controlled smart fire extinguisher system assembled with fire sensors, actuators and operated by micro-controller unit (MCU)....

Last modified: 11th Oct 2021

Predicting Effects of Environmental Contaminants

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Concepts of basic toxicology and environmental epidemiology, and the complex issues surrounding the prediction of the effects that the presence of environmental contaminants may give rise to....

Last modified: 8th Oct 2021

Effect of Occupational Noise Pollution on Workers' Hearing

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This study is focused on highlighting that prolonged exposure to high levels of occupational noise can affect the hearing ability of agricultural workers who are using tractors and machines....

Last modified: 7th Oct 2021

Road Safety Data Analysis and Evaluation Using Accident Database

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The study provides a brief overview of road accidents statistics for Non-Built up roads, Motorways and Built up roads of Great Britain for the latest dataset published from 2012-2016....

Last modified: 3rd Sep 2021

6 Key Areas of Knowledge for a Learning and Development Practitioner

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This paper will review the knowledge and understanding an advanced learning and development practitioner requires to support their core practice....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Factors Influencing Sanitation Conditions

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This thesis examines the socio-cultural and demographic factors influencing sanitation conditions in Ghana, identifies the presence of Escherichia coli in household drinking water samples and investigates prevalence of diarrhoea among infants....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Health and Safety Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topics

Health and safety in the workplace is a really interesting subject and depending on the career you decide to focus on, there could be a lot of fascinating research to review! Take a look at some of our dissertation topic suggestions....

Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

An Investigation into Cleanroom Cleaning and the Rotation of Disinfectants

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Abstract Aims: The aims of this project were to: Evaluate the cleaning which had been carried out in the facilities cleanrooms over the previous year using environmental monitoring results ...

Last modified: 16th Dec 2019


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ABSTRACT Highway maintenance workers spend most of their work time in traffic and are constantly exposed to traffic-related emissions produced from various sources that have severe impacts on their h...

Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Development

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background In recent years, there have high number of occupational death and injury to occur in warehouse. This number of occupational accident not only damage for worker. This also ...

Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

CPD in Health and Safety Practitioner Roles

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Chapter 1 Introduction On the 1st January 1993 six regulations relating to health and safety came into force in Great Britain, these six regulations would ultimately have a major impact on how safety ...

Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Occupational Health And Safety Impact in Construction

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The main aim of the research is to study the impact of occupational health and safety in construction industry. It will also aim at identifying the attitude of construction organisations as well as em...

Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Takata Airbags: Safety or Hazard?

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Introduction Takata is a Japanese based airbag systems supplier company (Helmold et al., 2017). An airbag is a safety device in vehicles which consists of a fabric cushion which opens up immediately w...

Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Disinfection and Sterilisation and their Main Applications on Clinical Microbiology Laboratories

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Clinical laboratories, regardless of their specialty, deal with clinical samples that are potentially infective on a daily basis as part of their work routine. In particular, clinical microbiology la...

Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Interventions to Reduce Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs)

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Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) are injuries to the soft tissue of body such as muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments, which may result in musculoskeletal problems such as carpal tun...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Five Stepped Processes Involved in 5S

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5s: A tool for excellence at a glance Abstract “What is 5S?”, Not just a tool but has become a requirement for modern industries to stay in the competitive market now a day. As much as it helps...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Including Sexual Harassment in the Occupational Health and Safety Act

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  In 2016, Parliament enacted Bill 132 as a measure to amend various statutes with respect to sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence and other related matters.[1] The Occupational He...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Health and Safety Evaluation for Expanding Workplace

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You have been asked to provide health and safety assistance to a company who are experiencing a significant increase in orders, which has resulted in their workforce growing from 10 to 40. The company...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019