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Sports are a combination of skill and physical activity, and can be done as either an individual or as part of a team. Sports can help you to keep fit and provide you or others with entertainment.

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Growth of Pivotal Elements in Sports Coaching
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Introduction: This paper examines the growth of pivotal elements in coaching by naming these pivotal elements and striving to establish coherent definitions that can be applied to the field as a whole.... Last modified: 8th Jun 2021

Dissertation on Concussions and Neurocognitive Deficits
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Introduction: This paper determined the effect of prior subconcussive and concussive impacts on neurocognitive performance in youth athletes by reviewing current literature.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Sports Dissertation Topics
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Introduction: We have provided a selection of example sports science dissertation topics to help and inspire you. Example dissertation topic 1: Decreases in body mass in ultra-endurance swimming: Case studies of cross-Channel swimmers.... Last modified: 23rd Mar 2021

Impact of Major Sports Events on the Economy
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Introduction: The use of sports markets to explore questions of economic interest has a long history as the majority of this literature analyses US sports, notably American football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey, whilst there is also a considerable interest in soccer, the leading world sport.... Last modified: 5th Jan 2021

Effect of Globalization and Commercialization on Sports
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Introduction: “ Critically evaluate how globalizing and commercial forces have influenced sports generally and football especially. You should also include in your analysis the influence of globilization and comm... Last modified: 17th Dec 2019

Effects of Re-Warming Up at Half Time on Gaelic Footballers
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Introduction: QUESTION HALF TIME RE-WARMUP MAINTAINS SECOND HALF PERFORMANCE CAPACITY IN MALE SENIOR CLUB GAELIC FOOTBALL PLAYERS. 1.1 Aims and objectives To my knowledge this piece will be the first of its kind ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Popular Feminism and Women’s Physical Empowerment in the UFC
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Introduction: Don’t be a Do-Nothing B#tch: Popular Feminism and Women’s Physical Empowerment in the UFC Abstract This chapter examines the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) incorporation of women into ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Effect of Intentional Activity on Happiness Levels
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Introduction: Abstract Happiness is an evasive pursuit for many people because they think of it as a circumstance completely outside of themselves. Some learn that they inherit a specific set point of happiness an... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Mental Health Impact of Sports Injuries
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Introduction: Chapter 1 – Introduction 1.1 The Topic This study will look at the mental health impacts on long term injuries of sportsmen aged between 18 and 25 who compete in amateur team sports. There is... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Radio Frequency Identification Sport Wearable Development
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Introduction: Contents List of Abbreviations Summary 1. Introduction 2. Company and the Backgrounds 3. The Problem Description 3.1 Initial situation 3.1.1 What is the Problem in the Sports Wearable System? 3... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Athlete Perfectionism and Help Seeking
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Introduction: Do athletes with perfectionism seek help when they develop emotional problems? Longitudinal investigation of dimensions of perfectionism and help seeking in college athletes Abstract Objectives... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Racial Bias in the Premier League
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Introduction: Racism in Football – Will We Ever Kick It Out?  An Econometric Evaluation of Racial Biases in the Premier League Abstract Racism and discrimination have unfortunately played a major r... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Effects of the Spirit of Competition
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Introduction: The spirit of competition is one of the underlying principles in any sporting event, be it one athlete against another, or team against team. The preconceived notion on the part of spectators as to wh... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Injury Risk in Elite Basketball Players
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Introduction: The elite basketball player is considered in this piece not only in terms of his potential for injury but also in terms of the potential of the physiotherapist and other sports professionals, to give ... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Audit of Injuries in Cricket
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Introduction: An Audit of Injuries in Cricket in Scotland in the 2008 Season Abstract Cricket is a popular sport played and followed by millions around the globe. It is a relatively non contact sport with a low to... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Effects of Caffeine on 30m Multiple Sprint Performance
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Introduction: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of caffeine's proposed ergogenic capabilities upon human sprint times and performance.... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Comparison of Adidas and Nike Footwear
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Introduction: COMPARITIVE STUDY OF Brand of Leading Footwear Giants With special reference to Adidas and Nike ABSTRACT BRANDING The 1980s marked a turning point in the competition of brands. Management came to rali... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Biomechanical Differences: Male and Female Marathon Runner
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Introduction: More than by brain size or tool-making ability, the human species was set apart from its ancestors by the ability to jog mile after lung-stabbing mile with greater endurance than any other primate.... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Strength Training for Volleyball Players
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Introduction: The improvement of these abilities is quite important for a volleyball player, being the muscular strength many times the priority for the young athlete. Several studies have reported significant impr... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019