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Aviation regards any activity involved in the aircraft industry or mechanical flight including flying and the design, manufacture, and maintenance of aircraft. The term “aircraft” includes such vehicles as aeroplanes, helicopters, and lighter than air craft such as hot air balloons and airships.

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Literature Review on Single Pilot Operations
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Introduction: We examine the fundamental Single Pilot Operations (SPO) concepts found in literature and then analyse with frameworks designed to provide a measurement tool to assess the feasibility of SPO.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

Qantas Airlines: Financial Evaluation, Business Model and Strategies
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Introduction: This paper will explore Qantas's history, financial performance, business model and strategies, route structures, fleet make-up and scheduling, marketing model, and the international air carrier and cargo operations.... Last modified: 1st Sep 2021

SWOT Analysis for Delta Airlines
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Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to demystify the opportunities and strengths of Delta, how to overcome threats and build a robust and influential platform.... Last modified: 20th Aug 2021

Research Proposal on Combat Aircraft Nozzle Performance
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Introduction: A research proposal on the combat aircraft nozzle and how travelling from the converging side of the nozzle to the diverging side of the nozzle effects performance factors.... Last modified: 27th May 2021

Remotely Piloted Aircraft for RCAF Search and Rescue Operations
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Introduction: I. Introduction and background information  In Canada, Search and Rescue (SAR) is a shared responsibility divided between numerous partnerships. These partnerships are made up of government, militar... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Addressing Operational Human Factors Issues in Aviation
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Introduction: (“Human Factors in Aviation,” 2016) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report has the purpose of addressing operational human factors by proposing strategies to improve the effectiveness of the Flig... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Recruiting Females into the Aviation Industry
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Introduction: Abstract There is more to aviation than just a pilot flying an airplane. Being that aviation is a global industry, responsible for moving humanity as well as products around the world, there is the co... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Helicopter Operations and Night Capability
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Introduction: IN INDIAN CONTEXT The helicopter is probably the most versatile instrument ever invented by man. It approaches closer than any other to fulfilment of mankind’s ancient dreams of the flying hors... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Analysis of the Indian Civil Aviation Industry
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Introduction: Civil Aviation Scenario – Evolution In December 1910, a party from Belgium and two from England with many aircrafts arrived in India. The first amongst them was famous Humber motor companies. Th... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Enhancing Competitive Abilities for Airline Companies
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Introduction: Case of Air China Abstract This study examines the strategic, performance and learning issues confronting the Air China, in the aftermath of the Open Skies agreement between China and the United State... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

The Airline Industry Is A Large Growing Industry
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Introduction: The airline industry is and remains a large and growing industry. It facilitates economic growth, world trade, international investment and is a ...... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

British Aviation and the Sound Barrier
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Introduction: British Aviation and the Sound Barrier The breaking of the sound barrier represented a step change in aviation, aerodynamics and engineering. The methodology employed to break the sound barrier in Br... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Gas Generator System for Jet Acoustic Facility
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Introduction: ABSTRACT A gas generator, a device for generating gas and also may be used to drive a turbine or to create gas from pressurized gas source when storing a solid or liquid is undesirable or impractical... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Assessing the Impact of Low Cost Carriers
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Introduction: Assessing the Impact of Low Cost Carriers On the Legacy Carriers in the United States Abstract On October 24, 1978, the Airline Deregulation Act was signed into law, and the airline industry changed... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Emergency Response to Crash of American Airlines Flight 587
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Introduction: Emergency Response to Crash of American Airlines Flight 587 Abstract Although the probability of an aircraft accident is the minimum, its effects can be catastrophic. The crash of flight 587 in 2001 ... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hardware and Software Differences
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Introduction: There are different types of UAV shapes, mechanisms, configurations, and characteristics. Since UAVs have been developed for specific purposes, its hardware and software depend upon the specific task... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Tethered UAV Based Air Base Sense and Avoid Radar System
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Introduction: Tethered UAV Based Air Base Sense and Avoid Radar System Abstract The future ability for commercial industry and private citizens to capitalize on the advantages of incorporating Unmanned Aerial Vehi... Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Consumer Experiences of Dublin Airport
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Introduction: Table of Contents Introduction – 318 1. Research Question and Objective (Project’s aim and scope) -671 1.1. Research Objectives 2. Research Process 3. Formulation of Research Design 3.1... Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Evaluating Human Factors in Aviation Safety
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Introduction: Introduction Transport by air is the pinnacle of modern human evolution. Of all the modes of transport in use today, air transport was the last to be developed. Since the Wright brothers took their ... Last modified: 9th Dec 2019