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Technology in the Early Years Foundation Stage
8th Jan 2021
Introduction: Young children today are living in a world in which they constantly encounter technology, within their home, in school and beyond. Increased global connectivity and the use of internet and beyond has greatly influenced the world in which young children live in....

Application of Child Development Theories to Practice
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Assignment two: critical application of theory. You will write a 3,500-word assignment in which you will apply the unit learning to your child observations and to your stage 1 practice placement. Fir...

New Social Studies of Childhood
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Childhood studies, as we know it today, is a multi and inter-disciplinary subject encompassing aspects of psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, politics and economics. Yet, this has not always be...

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse: Civil and Criminal Actions
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: PA HB 612 – Seeks to amend Title 42 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) in order to allow victims of child sexual abuse to file criminal and/or civil actions...

Spina Bifida and the Development Stage
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: Contents Introduction: Neural Tube Defects Neurulation Spina Bifida Occurrences of Neural Tube Defects: The occurrences of Neural Tube Defects to uncomplicated gestations: Raw Data one: Analysed Data...

Impact of Children’s Exposure to IPV
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction A growing attention has been paid by researchers over decades, to the experiences of children exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) which not only affects children’s well-being bu...

Musical Protolanguage Amongst Early Humans
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: Neanderthal Rock’n Roll: A case for musical protolanguage amongst early humans Introduction Almost all animate organisms communicate both conspecifically and heterospecifically through a range of ...

Student Search and Seizure in K-12 Public Schools
11th Dec 2019
Introduction: STUDENT SEARCH AND SEIZURE IN K-12 PUBLIC SCHOOLS CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION School administrators are responsible for providing a safe and orderly school environment that is conducive to learning. To...

Teacher Planning for Pupil Individual Educational Needs
10th Dec 2019
Introduction: In the light of the tasks which you have completed this week and background reading, discuss how teachers plan for and support their pupils’ individual educational needs. For your response, ref...

Provisions and Regulations in Early Years Education
10th Dec 2019
Introduction:  1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early years education.   Summarise the entitlement of early years provision.   There are numerous settings in place to support parents and carers wit...

Risk Factors and Symptoms of Abuse
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: ABSTRACT In recent years several serious incidents have emerged, and there is a need for immediate action to ensure that vulnerable adults, children and vulnerable women who are at risk of abuse, rec...