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Social Media is technology that enables people from around the world to connect with each other online. Social Media encourages discussion, the sharing of information, and the uploading of content.

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Analysis of Nike’s Social Media Marketing Strategy
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Introduction: This report examines how Nike utilizes their social media sites in an attempt to understand why they are so successful with social media marketing.... Last modified: 30th Jul 2021

Dissertation on Social Media User Experience Design
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Introduction: This dissertation aims to engage with designers, social scientists, and companies involved with defining user experience of information on social platforms.... Last modified: 21st Apr 2021

The Effects of Extraversion and Neuroticism on Social Media Use
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Introduction: “Who uses social media?” The Effects of Extraversion and Neuroticism on Social Media Use. Abstract The study sought to determine the effect of the personality traits Extraversion and Neuroticis... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Data Collection for Presenting Social Media Evidence for Litigation
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Introduction: Voluble: Insights for Litigtion Contents Overview Data Product Reviews Forums Promoted Tweets Public Information Sampling Exporting Location Methodology Supplemental Sources Webhose Google BoardReade... Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Impact of Social Media as a Tool in E-Learning
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Introduction: Introduction This study is designed to examine the use and impact of social media as a tool in e-learning at Bisha University. As a lecturer at Bisha University, I selected this topic due to the curr... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Using Machine Learning
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Introduction: Abstract   With the advent of mobile technologies and ubiquitous accessibility of internet, huge amount of opinionated content is being posted daily on the social media sites like Twitter and Facebo... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Development
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Introduction: 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to display all the characteristics of “Chatbot on Messenger”. The main objective of preparing this document is to give a detailed descr... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Effect of Social Media Marketing on the Cosmetic Industry
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Introduction: Dissertation title: How effective is social media marketing in the cosmetic industry in comparison to traditional marketing methods? Abstract Marketing has always been a vital part of a business an... Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

Real Time Detection of Traffic Through Twitter Stream Analysis
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Introduction: CONTENTS   DETAILS         PAGE NO        ABSTRACT                                             6 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Definition   ... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Twitter Analysis of Donald Trump's Election Cycle
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Introduction: Abstract In this thesis, the author examines the last 131 days of the 2016 election cycle. This analysis focuses on how sentiment is present on Twitter when people engage in political communication o... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Effect of Internet Interventions for Depression and Alcohol Use
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Introduction: Does providing a brief Internet intervention for hazardous alcohol use to people seeking online help for depression reduce both alcohol use and depression symptoms among participants with these dual ... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019