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Effect of pH on the Absorption Process
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: The characterization of the prepared nanocomposite was required to confirm the formation of desired nanomaterials. Different techniques such as FT-IR spectroscopy, TGA/DTA, X-ray diffraction and FE-S...

Determining Phenolic Compounds in Fruit and Vegetables
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Table of contents Introduction antioxidants antioxidants and health antioxidants in vegetables antioxidants in fruit phenolics carotenoids Food Synergy Objectives Materials and Methods Introduct...

Microbial Natural Products as Antibiotics
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Why are microbes so much better at making medicines than we are? ABSTRACT Over the millennia, Microbes have evolved to synthesise an extensive variety of secondary metabolites to help them survive in...

Morphology of Electrospun Membranes
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: ABSTRACT As ideal cardiovascular grafts, it is necessary to have abilities of rapid endothelialization and antibacterial activity to cope with the risks of restenosis, thrombosis and bacterial infect...

Brain Injury and Cellular Responses
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: 1. Introduction: Brain Injury and Cellular Responses Mechanisms causing damage to the central nervous system (CNS) are numerous and complex, ranging from those associated with age-related neurodeg...

Discrete Cell Based Model in Fibroblast Cell Migration
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: 1.1      Introduction 1.1.1        Basic cell structure The basic mammalian eukaryotic cell comprises of a variety of membrane bound structures, cytoplasm and a nucleus. Through the advan...

Molecular Make Up of Therapeutic Enzymes
16th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract Enzymes play a central role in maintaining the metabolic balance within the human body. Acting as catalyst enzyme activity can either slow down or speed up metabolic reactions. Therefore, a ...

Studies on the Development of Habrobracon Hebetor
13th Dec 2019
Introduction: Studies on the Development of Habrobracon hebetor on Diapausing and Non-diapausing Larvae of Plodia interpunctella Abstract Laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the development of Habrobracon ...

Rainbow Parrotfish Scarus Guacamaia
12th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract The rainbow parrotfish Scarus guacamaia is a prominent herbivore in the coastal waters of southeastern Florida whose life history is strongly linked to a dependence on both mangrove and coral...