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Cyber security refers to technologies and practices undertaken to protect electronics systems and devices including computers, networks, smartphones, and the data they hold, from malicious damage, theft or exploitation.

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Cyber Security

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Increasing Performance of Signature-Based Intrusion Detection

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This thesis proposes and evaluates a method to increase the speed and performance of the signature-based intrusion detection and eventually increase the CPU availability....

Last modified: 3rd Feb 2022

Can Cyber Warfare Become a New Arena of Conflict?

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This dissertation looks at the subject of cyber warfare and examines how widespread a concern this is to nations and if indeed it is just a concern of the super powers....

Last modified: 2nd Feb 2022

Web Browser Fingerprinting Effect on Privacy

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This dissertation investigates and describes the concept of web browser fingerprinting and its effect on user privacy....

Last modified: 27th Jan 2022

SQL Injection Attacks and Vulnerability Detection

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The identification of vulnerabilities and assurance of security functionality is an extensively implemented methodology used to assess and progress the security of software applications...

Last modified: 26th Jan 2022

Penetration Testing vs Ethical Hacking

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This document will discuss the differences between penetration testing and ethical hacking.  It will then continue to discuss the requirements in a corporate environment and the legal issues that can occur....

Last modified: 26th Jan 2022

Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

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This study report aims at identifying the possible security challenges for Cloud computing and some of the possible solutions for these challenges identified through literature reviews....

Last modified: 24th Jan 2022

Types of Denial of Service Attacks

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Availability, confidentiality and integrity are the main aims of computer security. Availability is defined as the capability of using the desired resources or information. Denial of Service attacks threaten the resource's availability in the network....

Last modified: 11th Jan 2022

Cyber Terrorism Trends and Impact on Technology

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In this paper, the definition and act of cyber terrorism is explored along with other disruptions related to cyber, such as espionage, war and sabotage and then review the distinctiveness of cyber terrorism when compared to the other elements....

Last modified: 30th Dec 2021

The Rise of Fileless Malware and Attack Techniques

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This is a research report into all aspects of Fileless Attack Malware. It provides the reader with concise information regarding what a Fileless Malware Threat is, how it infiltrates a machine, how it penetrates through a system, and how to prevent attacks of such kind....

Last modified: 23rd Dec 2021

Cybersecurity Threats in the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

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The purpose of this research was to examine the cybersecurity threats and postures of the HPH sector to bring awareness to SMB providers, and to propose to the HPH sector a restructure to ensure proactive cybersecurity standards....

Last modified: 15th Dec 2021

Research Proposal on Cloud Computing Security Risk Assessment

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This research investigates the current state of formalised security risk assessment for Cloud and how these methods could be modified for migrating legacy systems into Cloud....

Last modified: 1st Dec 2021

Three Step Authentication for ATM Machines

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The aim of this paper is to analyse, design, and implement a secure level of ATM machines by using three step authentication....

Last modified: 30th Nov 2021

Mitigating the Risk of Phishing Attacks

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This dissertation looked at the phishing as a whole and examined various stakeholders and the countermeasures that they recommend to be implemented....

Last modified: 17th Nov 2021

How Secure are Apache & IIS Web Servers after Vulnerability Testing?

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This project aims to provide a solution based on whether implementing penetration testing tools; downloaded from third-party software can have the least issues by evaluating how we can test either of two web servers, such as Apache and IIS....

Last modified: 15th Nov 2021

Data Mining Algorithm Techniques

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Introduction to a study which aims to compare and contrast various classification data mining algorithm techniques, as well as different feature selection scenarios....

Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Web Application Security Threats

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This project will focus on researching web security threats, exploring them, and try to find new strategies to protect against them. ...

Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Malware Detection Using Machine Learning

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The aim is to utilize the concept of machine learning and to build a model using ensemble algorithm which can be trained efficiently to detect malwares in a system....

Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Cybersecurity: Analysis of Issues and Threats

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Cybersecurity has gained considerable attention in last decade due to its ability to secure government’s data against expanding cyber threats. However, as Information Technology is advancing, so are the issues and threats to cybersecurity....

Last modified: 21st Oct 2021

Phishing Techniques and Detection Approaches

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As phishing evolves, stakeholders will always find new ways of mitigating the risk associated with phishing, therefore the battle will be ongoing....

Last modified: 11th Oct 2021

Security Procedures for a Small Computer Network

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The purpose of the project is to design security procedures for a small computer network, supporting at least 10 users divided into three groups with significantly different requirements and two different geographical locations....

Last modified: 1st Oct 2021

Business Continuity Planning: Cyber Security Management

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This paper describes business continuity planning strategies and processes and elaborates on how to develop, write and execute an effective business continuity plan....

Last modified: 2nd Sep 2021

Designing a Safe Environment for Malware Testing

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The primary purpose of the work described in this report was to provide a complete environment which allows computer science students the integration of theory with practice for a malware module....

Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Biometric Applications for Information Security

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The scope of this study is to present, review and analyse problems which are been faced in organisations information security, where by been able to create and suggest a means of securing sensitive information from external sources and mostly internal sources....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Internet Privacy and User Awareness of Vulnerabilities

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The following report explores the world of internet privacy and aims to raise awareness to the vulnerability that users face when browsing online. Abstract The following report explores the world of internet privacy and aims to ra...

Last modified: 23rd Jun 2021

Encryption and AES Network Security Between End Users

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Our project is mainly aimed at providing the security over the networks between two different end users....

Last modified: 9th Jun 2021